Is Any Audience Right for You?

Is any audience right for you?

Before you start writing copy and recording your video, you have to ask: who is your audience?

Once this question is answered, the next step is to determine where to find them. This includes identifying the social networks that will be key to the success of your strategy.

I’m going to help you learn how to reach the right people on the right social network so you can get better results. To do this, we’re going to reference the platform’s respective audience tools before we start working with content creation.

Audience Insight tools are designed to introduce you to the people that social networks are tailored to serve.

Let’s say you’re looking to promote products to a predominantly female audience in their late 50s through video. You might think YouTube would be the best choice for your content, right? But when you study their audience insights, you’ll learn that this platform is actually not the best choice.

Now, I’m not saying posting here will not work at all. What I am saying is, based on your needs, you’d probably have better success targeting your ideal audience if you were to publish your content on Pinterest instead of YouTube.

The reason YouTube is not the best choice for this imaginary scenario is that they serve a predominantly younger male audience, while Pinterest serves an 80% female audience.

Is this making sense?

In another example, let’s imagine we’re talking about a business that services the aerospace field. They have developed and tested a new process that’s proven to help their market decrease manufacturing time. Their audience is aerospace executives who are typically in their 40s or 50s. And let’s say their content consists mostly of ‘how to’ articles with blueprints and comprehensive white papers.

Would Facebook and Instagram be the best place for their content?

Probably not. While they may have over 2 billion active users, most of the users on these platforms are mainly interested in entertainment, sharing their stories, and connecting with friends and family.

Also, most of these users are on mobile devices and under the age of 30. Does this match our hypothetical business’ preferred customer profile? Not really. Their content wouldn’t be given the attention it needs and their results likely wouldn’t be favorable.  

This is why taking the time to research the perfect social media network is crucial before working on content creation.

So, which social platform would work best in this last scenario?

Probably platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, right?

Always keep in mind, the goal of content marketing is conversion. Your readers and prospects become customers and advocates when they appreciate the value of what you’re providing them. We’re not here merely to get views, likes, and comments. These are nice, yes. But if the people consuming our content are not converting, either now or later, from a marketing perspective, we’re wasting our time.

Here’s your homework.

I want you to check which social media platform best suits your needs. I’ve included a few links with the information below to help you get started.